ALBUM – Ringtones and alert tones

I just started a project with my sword fighting instructor Steaphen Fick of Davenriche European Martial Arts School. We are putting together an album of ringtones and alert tones of all kinds of medieval weapons. Stay tuned for the release in June 2015!

ALBUM & CONCERT TOUR – Grieg’s Lyrics Pieces for Piano

Grieg wrote this beautiful work in 66 short pieces. I’m projecting the release for later this year.


January 10, 2015

I was just about to put up some samples from a short film that I played for in 2009 and look what I found – the whole film. I had a real blast playing these orchestra reductions and creating the short bit at the beginning using the inside strings of the piano. It was recorded on my Boston upright piano and I think the tamber of this piano was a good fit. It sounds sort of like a bar piano from a western. Patrick Clement, a talented film maker, was a pleasure to work with. Since the film was made in North Hollywood and I recorded in New Hampshire, I didn’t get to meet anyone in person, but I think the actors were great and I’m so proud that the film won an award. Enjoy!

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Updated 02/26/2015